At Pipes By George we have a large selection of Brass and Tungsten Darts.  

Brass: Prices range from $7 to $18

Tungsten: Prices range from $49 to $130

Each set of darts comes ready to throw and most come with a case to carry with you.

-Replacement Parts are available.  Shafts vary in length, material, and color.

Weight of each dart varies between 18 to 28 grams for steel tipped darts.

Soft tip darts (for electronic boards) vary in weight between 16 to 18 grams.

Tips and Suggestions

The most popular length of shafts we carry is medium and short, but we have many other sizes. The shaft material can either be nylon or aluminum.

Spinner shafts are available. (The shaft spins so the flight moves if another dart hits the one already in the board!)

Flights  generally made of plastic and vary in size and shape.

-General Rule of thumb for flights, if you throw softly use a larger sized flight. If you throw hard, go with a smaller flight. 

Other Replacement Parts Available: Hammerhead tips, Soft tip points, sharpeners, converter points, flight protectors, steel tip dart boards, dart cases, and scoreboards.

***Backboards made to order available***

Come on in any time and try out the darts before you buy them!


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